Feel-good vacation apartments above the roofs of Bad Bertrich

– Water-Wellness-Hiking Holiday –

Haus Alleegarten holiday flats between the Eifel and Moselle! Whether swimming in the Maar, paddling on the Moselle, hiking in the vineyards or bathing in the thermal baths.
Three bright and spacious holiday flats with many little inclusive xtras let you start your holiday in comfort right away. We want to inspire you with lots of light, space and views.

1-2 bedrooms
spacious and bright
sometimes with balcony
always 4 sleeping places

Your car is safe
1 car parking space in the yard
Guard dog

Connecting to the digital world
WIFI and digital smart TV
with power off switch : )

Health water
Baths & drinking cures
Glauber salt thermal spring
Volcanic Eifel thermal spring

Nature & Health
Hiking, mountain biking
Landscape therapeutic park

With us you “live above things”. Forget your everyday life in our quiet and dreamy spa town with its stately spa facilities surrounded by beautiful nature. Hike the Eifel trails around Bad Bertrich. Stroll down the promenade to the landscape therapy park. Let yourself be drawn into the healing power of Glauber’s salt water. Historical guided tours will give you an understanding of what fascinated people from the time of the Romans onwards about this small spa in the valley of the Üß. Ideal as a starting point for your excursions to the geologically interesting regions of the volcanic or southern Eifel, to the steep slopes of the Moselle or to historic Trier.

Bad Bertrich combines the best of the Eifel and the Moselle

Bad Bertrich – in a side valley of the Moselle – that was the slogan with which our town presented itself to potential guests for many years. This is not quite true, but it does show the closeness and connection to the people and structures there. Alf, for example, is only 9 km away, just follow the course of the Üßbach to the east! It takes about 10 minutes to reach the Calmont via ferrata at Bremm, in the steepest vineyard in Europe! Geologically speaking, however, we are part of the Volcanic Eifel and, thanks to our 32° warm thermal spring, naturally belong to the GesundLand Vulkaneifel. The health-oriented offer in the village, Bad Bertrich is home to 4 clinics, has existed since time immemorial. The Romans already appreciated the healing power of the Glauber’s salt thermal spring and settled here. Evidence of the Roman baths, which are almost 2000 years old, can still be found among the spa facilities. The thermal mineral healing water helps with internal and external applications for numerous complaints. Our tip: why not try a sip of Glauber’s salt water! 

News from us.

corona update​

no covid

Of course, we clean our flats thoroughly and wipe down all surfaces and handles with disinfectant. General hygiene rules apply. Now that the pandemic seems to be almost over, or has died a death of disinterest, we do not require you to wear masks, but we will be happy to receive you at a suitable distance. We will not hug you or kiss you when you come. If you cannot or do not wish to visit us due to illness, we ask you to make use of your travel cancellation insurance, which we hope you have taken out. If the entry regulations in our state or district change, we will refund any money you have already paid. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. You can reach us via e-mail: kontakt@haus-alleegarten.de or after 2 p.m. by mobile phone: +49 1632580744. You can also send us a message via Threema, the privacy-friendly messenger!

Status 05/2022
No more restrictions in gastronomy and retail. Masks are still mandatory in public transport.

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